30th anniversary of PLEA
13-15 July 2011


Organized by
Architecture et Climat
in Louvain-la-Neuve

27th International conference on

Passive and Low Energy Architecture

Program of the conference

=> Overall program
=> DAY 0 - Tue. 12th July
=> DAY 1 - Wed. 13th July
=> DAY 2 - Thu. 14th July
=> DAY 3 - Fri. 15th July

After a previous presentation of the city of Louvain-la-Neuve by prof. Ch. Gilot (UCL-LOCI), PLEA 2011 conference starts with presentations from two invited architect speakers: Nicolas Godelet and Bernardo Secchi.

The general topics of the conference tackle a broad range well beyond the subject of energy:

  1. Examples of sustainable architecture and urban design
  2. Programming (multi function and multi generation)
  3. Design tools and methods
  4. Education
  5. Comfort and occupancy (inside and outside)
  6. Mobility (in and between cities)
  7. Climatic, water and biodiversity context
  8. Building Physics (hygrothermic, daylighting and acoustic)
  9. HVAC, equipment and regulation (complementary to design)
  10. Material (environmental and health aspects)
  11. Waste management
  12. Renewal/refurbishment

In each parallel session the order of oral presentations has been chosen so as to begin with a relatively general exposition, finishing the session either with a conclusion or with a provocative paper addressing the session topics in an original way.

Poster sessions give the opportunity for selected participants to present in two minutes the content of their poster.

A forum is organized every day after the sessions to exchange points of view on a question concerning PLEA. The forum allows everyone to express his/her particular point of view. It is introduced by an invited speaker. Every days, a specific parallel sessions is linked to the theme of the daily plenary forum.

The first two days, optional visits of sustainable buildings, Cameleon and Sterrenveld, in Brussels area are organized. A visit of Louvain-la-Neuve is organized the last day.

Closing session announces awards and wraps up the conference with PLEA 2011 declaration.

A gala dinner is organized the evening of Thursday the 14th.